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Docking Bay 94 Podcast stars Jason Washburn and Jason Hancock of Talon Strikes Studios. The show is usually broken into three segments; games they've been playing, a main topic, and their Kickstarter roundup. The hosts also have guests from different fields of the board game hobby join them to talk about their latest endeavors, what makes them tick, and what drives their passion for the hobby.

Jul 27, 2016

Summer, why do you have to be so chaotic! I apologize for our unscheduled hiatus for most of July. My Yeti microphone had crapped out on me right before the Fourth of July Weekend. After the holidays, I was able to get a hold of Blue to help me take care of the problem, which they happily did!

All I have to say is “Thank You, Blue!” They’re customer service was phenomenal. They advised me that Yeti microphones have a two year warranty, (which I wasn’t aware of) and I just had to send mine to them and if there was a defect, they would promptly send me a new one, which they did. So, if you are a podcaster, looking for a new mic, be sure to check out what Blue has to offer. They haven’t disappointed me yet!

So, pair that with just life in general being busier than normal, and July is already gone by! I apologize in the delay with our programming.

Labyrinth Cover

BUT! WE have fixed this today! In this week’s new episode, Moe from Club Fantasci joins me again to talk about a GM less RPG called Labyrinth by Chris Zimmerman.


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