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Docking Bay 94 Podcast stars Jason Washburn and Jason Hancock of Talon Strikes Studios. The show is usually broken into three segments; games they've been playing, a main topic, and their Kickstarter roundup. The hosts also have guests from different fields of the board game hobby join them to talk about their latest endeavors, what makes them tick, and what drives their passion for the hobby.

Dec 12, 2015

Running a tad bit late this week as the holidays start to demand more and more of our time, but it is here! Episode 8 of our Podblast!

We do our usual rundown of games we've been playing since the last time we talked and our Kickstarter round up.

For our final act of the show, we review Ryan Lesser's two player, miniatures game, High Heaven.

Games Mentioned:

Terra Mystica, Arcadia Quest: Beyond The Grave, Infinite City, Far Space Foundry, Oh My Goods!, Champions of Midgard, Cthulhu Wars, Cauldron


Kickstarter Projects Mentioned:

All Hands On Deck, '65 Squad Level Combat In Vietnam, Fantasy, Fantasy Baseball, Heroes of Normandie, Secret Hitler, Roll Player


High Heavens Kickstarter Page

Purchase High Heavens Website

High Heavens BGG Link

My Youtube Video of High Heavens

Our Interview with High Heavens designer, Ryan Lesser

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