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Docking Bay 94 Podcast stars Jason Washburn and Jason Hancock of Talon Strikes Studios. The show is usually broken into three segments; games they've been playing, a main topic, and their Kickstarter roundup. The hosts also have guests from different fields of the board game hobby join them to talk about their latest endeavors, what makes them tick, and what drives their passion for the hobby.

Feb 1, 2016

Sorry to be running a little late this week, but I think you will find the content well worth it. Since Wash has been busy prepping and preparing for the House of Borgia Kickstarter fixing to launch on February 15th, I asked Moe to stop by our virtual studio and hang out for this week's belated episode.

This actually works out perfect since we both had received review copies of Victory Points Hearty Health Hospital at BGGCon last year. This gives us a chance to review and discuss about the cooperative game at length.

We also talk about our time spent on Tabletopia playing Draco Magi and our impressions of the virtual world that is invading our tabletop space.

Of course, a podblast wouldn't be complete without talking about some Kickstarter projects on Kickstarter right now, and reveal two projects Moe and I have received lately that failed in their delivery of the final product.

5:00 Games Played Section:

Healthy Heart Hospital, Draco Magi, Tabletopia

17:00 Kickstarter Projects:

e-solo-e, Polyversal 6mm Mini Game System, Gato Leader and U-Boat Leader, Karmaka, Zero Hour, Mercs Recon

42:35 Healthy Heart Hospital Review

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Jason Hancock
four and a half years ago

You are very welcome! Thanks for listening! Good luck with the rest of the campaign!

Byron Collins
four and a half years ago

Thanks for mentioning Polyversal on your podcast. Glad you like what you see. Best, Byron