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Docking Bay 94 Podcast stars Jason Washburn and Jason Hancock of Talon Strikes Studios. The show is usually broken into three segments; games they've been playing, a main topic, and their Kickstarter roundup. The hosts also have guests from different fields of the board game hobby join them to talk about their latest endeavors, what makes them tick, and what drives their passion for the hobby.

Apr 27, 2015

Another remote podcast, this time at Cloud Cap Games in Portland, Or. with TC and his podcast crew, Tattered Board along with one half of the owners of Cloud Cap Games, James Brady.

We started recording this about 12:30 AM after the release party for the new Imperial Settlers and Dominion Expansion and finiished up sometime after 2 AM.

A fun time had by all. Look forward to future collaborations!

2:15 – Upcoming Events at Cloud Cap Games

7:37 – Uninvited Guests….
9:47 – Upcoming Guests on the Docking Bay 94 podcast
15:24 – Recently Played Games
15:38 – Merchants and Marauders with Expansion
17.24 – More Xia….
21:55 – Isle of Trains
23:35 – The Great Heartland Hauling Co
29:03 – Akortiri
31:33 – Star Realms
35:29 – Imperial Settlers: Why Can’t We Be Friends Impressions
53:51 – Dominion Adventures Impressions
1:11:36 – DING DING DING
1:13:05 – Our Favorite Expansions